Red Pill Analytics, an innovative analytics and business intelligence delivery firm, recently announced that they will feature their cloud acceleration technology at the snowflake summit- a 4-day conference where technical experts, data experts, and business experts gather to have discussions on the snowflake data cloud.

Red Pill Analytics offers capacity analytics to its customers by combining elements of cloud, agile development, continuous integration, development as a service and outsourcing.

Red Pill Analytics is participating as a snow row sponsor in the snowflake summit where they will be highlighting their data transformation migration tool, ETL convertor. This tool converts oracle and other SQL dialects into ANSI SQL for snowflake. It is designed to help customers to seamlessly migrate their legacy ETL into snowflake cloud. By leveraging dbt and other code-based transformation tools, the ETL converter acts as an accelerator for organizations migrating to the snowflake data cloud.

Katie Ecklund, Senior Director of Partner Sales at Snowflake, said, “Red Pill Analytics is known for providing cloud architecture and migration services with leading and emerging technologies. We’re always delighted to partner with them for enterprise digital transformation on the Snowflake’s platform.

Using snowflake’s data cloud, Red Pill be able to accelerate its customers’ digital transformation. Minimal maintenance of the snowflake platform will allow Red Pill to pull data from dashboard that’s accessible to both executives and high-level analysts.