An innovative U.S.- based Robotics as a Service (RaaS) firm, RedZone Robotics, announced a strategic partnership agreement with, a machine learning (ML) software company that provides pipeline prioritization. With the launch of IntegrityPRO powered by, RedZone Robotics is able to provide risk-reduction by applying predictive analytics and spatial relational databases in conjunction with pipe condition assessment data.

Dave Petrosky, CEO of RedZone Robotics, said, “Managing wastewater infrastructure is tricky business. Asset managers have their work cut out for them when it comes to knowing where to look first. Some sewer systems have thousands of miles of pipe. With, we can now help utilities, who have limited infrastructure budgets, accurately pinpoint exactly where to inspect first. We can also determine, with a high degree of accuracy, the condition of segments of the system that are difficult to access and inspect.”

The management of wastewater collection systems falls to municipal utilities as part of their infrastructure management responsibilities. With proper management, operation, and maintenance of these facilities, communities can meet their needs and reduce the chance of uncontrolled overflow. It is important that utility managers know how to judge assets’ condition without physically inspecting them before they can evaluate collection systems accurately.

A utility’s condition assessment program should prioritize assets, as well as plan periodic inspections to evaluate their condition. Management of sewer infrastructure has historically relied on reactive measures, customer complaints, and asset age alone to combat failures. RedZone’s data warehouse provides the backbone for IntegrityPRO, which integrates the daVinci ML™ engine from with RedZone’s data warehouse. The new IntegrityPRO software enables sewer system owners to prioritize assets and perform predictive assessments, enabling them to proactively maintain the sewer infrastructure.

George Demosthenous, CEO of, said, “Unlike traditional prioritization methods, we’ve created an artificial intelligence approach that is the most effective in the industry and costs only a fraction of the savings realized. Not only can this technology help utilities deal with SSO issues, but it can also save millions in unnecessary rehabilitation projects, reduce infrastructure failure, and reduce the thousands of hours it typically takes to prioritize a collection system.”

Asset owners and operators will be provided with comprehensive wastewater infrastructure assessments and prioritization thanks to their joint venture with and RedZone Robotics. IntegrityPRO, powered by, a new condition assessment tool from RedZone Robotics, allows asset managers to better protect their infrastructure and optimize budgets. A AI solution will work seamlessly with RedZone’s IntegrityPRO SaaS platform.