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Remarkable Health Releases New Behavioral Health AI Documentation Tool

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Innovative technology company, Remarkable Health, a provider of behavioral health and human services, has launched Bells, a smart artificial intelligence (AI) documentation tool created specifically for behavioral health professionals. A note-taking tool similar to Grammarly, Bells plays an instrumental role in reducing errors, eliminating redundancy, improving quality, and reducing the number of rejected claims.

Peter Flick, CEO of Remarkable Health, said, “Mental health providers are spending up to 2 hours per day writing notes, often after 5:00 when they should be going home to decompress. This administrative burden, coupled with the increased demand for mental health services, is leading to record levels of provider burnout and turnover. Those providing critical and much-needed behavioral health services, particularly to the underserved Medicaid population, are drowning in documentation because of antiquated processes and tools. We knew there had to be a better way; a solution that could make the process as easy as Grammarly is for writing. That’s why we developed Bells… to give them back time to focus on the patient work they went into this field to do.”

Some early users report a reduction in clinical documentation time of 50%, which equates to getting back one day per week to devote to self-care for patients. In behavioral health, burnout is a major problem, with nearly half of therapists reporting burnout in their profession, a number that has increased with the COVID-19 pandemic driving the need for mental health services. The situation is even worse for those who serve Medicaid patients, as a shortage of mental health providers puts tremendous pressure on those who are picking up the increased need for services. Compared with urban counties, rural areas have 1.8 licensed behavioral health providers per 1,000 Medicaid enrollers.

With Bells’ suite of tools, users can quickly and easily streamline previously manual and labor-intensive documentation processes using automated rules and machine learning. Users can access the desktop and mobile app versions through whichever format is most convenient for their workflow.

Important Features of Bells –

  • Scribble’s notepad – HIPPA-secure notepad to easily capture details about a session and seamlessly incorporate the information into a progress note.
  • Compliant capture – Easily record complex data, like handwritten notes, prescription labels, drawings, forms, or assessments, by taking a picture of them.
  • Note assist– With templates, text expansions, and pre-populated drop-in phrases, note writing becomes faster and more accurate.
  • AI-powered review –  To improve note quality, the system incorporates an industry- and agency-specific dictionary of health and human services vocabulary.
  • Clinical tips – 
    Contextualized recommendations to improve quality assurance reviews and payer audits by better describing and documenting services.

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