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Lifetime Value Analytics Integrated To Google Ads By Retina AI

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Predictive Customer Lifetime Value (pCLV) intelligence firm Retina AI integrates with Google Ads. The new integration will enable its users to monitor the effectiveness of an advertisement campaign, which can increase their customer experience. The integration enables the effectiveness of advertising campaigns on Facebook and Google. The integration will also be supported in the current interface.

“Most ad campaigns are optimized for conversion and customer acquisition costs, but brands need to stop paying to acquire everyone,” said Emad Hasan, CEO of Retina AI. “Around 30% of customers acquired by campaigns built solely on these metrics will be unprofitable. This is why measuring against pCLV is so essential – it ensures that your ad spend isn’t being wasted on ads and audiences who are unprofitable.”

pCLV scores are generated by Retina AI. Apart from that, it includes several tools consisting of Aggregate CLV, CLV Conversions, Average CLV, and CLV: CAC.

Aggregate CLV is expressed in terms of the dollar value of overall CLV of customers who viewed an ad  during a particular period of time
CLV Conversion reflects the total number of customers who viewed an ad and extended it over a particular time.
Average CLV is obtained by dividing aggregate CLV by CLV Conversion. It is represented in dollar value.
• The cost per conversion is expressed as the ratio of CLV to Client Acquisition Costs (CAC).

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