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RevJet Delivers Dynamic Customer Experience Through Generative AI Solution

RevJet Delivers Dynamic Customer Experience Through Generative AI Solution
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The unified App-based platform that streamlines digital ad experience management, RevJet has enhanced the capabilities of its Digital Asset Management (DAM) suite with AI  Image Idea (AI3) general neural network. The DAM App Suite from RevJet is now the first \”AI (Artificial Intelligence)-powered\” Digital Asset Management solution in the market using the introduction of AI3. 

With their current teams, systems, and data sources, marketers can use artificial intelligence to create dynamic customer experiences that are of the highest quality at a large scale. Searching for content and other assets in the libraries was difficult for marketers who relied on older DAMs which were rigid and inconvenient. The RevJet DAM App Suite offers all the tools required for any user to reimagine pre-existing images or videos or to create entirely new assets in seconds with Generative AI using AI3. This is done at an enterprise scale and with tight integration into a company\’s existing enterprise systems and workflows. 

“Generative AI has been in the news recently, but most of the buzz has been around the technology itself, not what problems it can solve. With AI3, the RevJet DAM App Suite changes the game by empowering non-technical marketers with Generative AI to orchestrate world-class dynamic customer experiences seamlessly at scale, with a tiny fraction of the time and effort previously required,” stated RevJet founder and CEO Mitchell Weisman. 

The AI Image Idea (AI3) Generation Neural Network from RevJet gives marketers access to a wide range of potent features. It assists in choosing an existing image from the DAM (or from any other connected enterprise system) and repositioning it in a different setting or evolving it in predetermined ways. Simply by outlining the concept in straightforward English, it generates brand-new, original images. Aids in the creation of custom product models by training the AI on specific product images. Through numerous additional \”final touch\” tools that offer sophisticated image processing in an intuitive user interface, it makes the final images \”pixel perfect.\” 

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