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RightHand Robotics Unveils Partner Integrator Program for Robotic Piece-Picking Deployments

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As a leader in data-driven, autonomous robotic picking solutions for order fulfillment, RightHand Robotics now welcomes its new Partner Integrator program, which provides warehouse technology and solution providers as a platform to create an ecosystem that can support robotic piece-picking projects and satisfy the global needs of e-commerce order fulfillment. Element Logic, one of Europe’s leading intralogistics companies and the world’s first and largest AutoStoreTM partner, joins the program as a charter member. Both companies combined their efforts to develop a system for managing shipments at scale in a predictable, resilient, and cost-effective manner.

“At RightHand Robotics, we’ve learned that customers absolutely need two things: streamlined integration and overall system reliability. That’s why we have enjoyed developing this relationship with the Element Logic team, who share our commitment to delivering exceptional customer value built on leading robotics and AI technology,” said Leif Jentoft, co-founder and CSO of RightHand Robotics. “Together we are taking warehouse automation to the next level. We cannot think of a better partner to help us launch our new initiative.”

Using RightPick robotic picking technology, Element Logic introduced the eOperator, which enables automated picking of goods stored in AutoStore by using RightPickTM AI software. The overall solution is managed and controlled by Element Logic’s eManager software, which provides visibility and optimizes performance. In response to online customer orders, this system automatically transfers the proper item from its storage location in the AutoStore cube storage zone into the outbound order container, without any manual input from the customer. Each time, the eOperator can pick and place thousands of different products, ensuring that orders are filled correctly and efficiently.

The Chief Commercial Officer, Håvard Hallås at Element Logic, said, “We’re excited to formally become a member of the Partner Integrator program. We chose to partner with RightHand Robotics for its breadth of robotic picking expertise and a straightforward approach to system integration. With surging online commerce placing great stress on fulfillment canters, now was the time to create a one-stop solution to ease our customers’ business pain. Our technology and AutoStore combined with the RightPick system create a new future for warehouse automation. We believe this collaboration will establish a new benchmark for the intralogistics industry.”

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