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Riskified announces partnership with SAP Commerce Cloud

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The fraud management platform Riskified announced its collaboration with the System Applications and Products (SAP) Commerce Cloud platform. The integration aims to provide merchants with simple access to Riskified\’s cutting-edge fraud prevention solutions, which enables frictionless eCommerce. To create the SAP Commerce Cloud connector, Riskified collaborated with EPAM Systems, a top provider of digital transformation services and product engineering.

Riskified enable businesses to make use of eCommerce\’s full potential by making it frictionless, safe, and accessible. With the help of their specialized platform developed for managing eCommerce risks, online retailers can establish relationships of trust with customers. This platform collects data from several of the biggest online retailers in the world and uses machine learning to increase sales and decrease costs for the clients. This technology helps merchants to offer frictionless consumer experiences by precisely identifying the people behind online interactions.

SAP Commerce Cloud is a strong, enterprise-focused eCommerce platform with scalability, security, and composability with customization options. Some of the biggest eCommerce businesses in the world use SAP Commerce Cloud, which helps retailers with difficult consumer flows across industries. For retailers using SAP Commerce Cloud, adopting a pre-built connector speeds up and simplifies integration with Riskified while lowering investment costs.

Since this integration, Riskified has been able to support Shopify, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, VTEX, and Adobe Commerce Cloud (Magento), among other popular e-commerce systems. Riskified\’s range of fraud control solutions may be immediately accessed by businesses who would benefit from them if the access SAP Commerce Cloud.

“Fraud and chargebacks drain merchants of revenue and hurt the whole retail ecosystem. Adding SAP Commerce Cloud to our portfolio of integrations is a strategic move for Riskified, and one that we think will positively impact our customers and merchants on the SAP platform,” Kevin Sprake, Riskified’s VP of Channel Partnerships said. He further added, “SAP is a leader in the enterprise space where we specialize in reducing purchasing friction and fraud. The partnership with a world-class system integrator like EPAM helped make the cloud transformation process easier, and I’m excited that SAP’s eCommerce merchants now have access to Riskified’s best-in-class fraud prevention suite of solutions.”

EPAM is a digital transformation platform that enables business innovation through unique development, design and consultation services. EPAM assists clients in redesigning their company from a digital standpoint. Through the use of human-centered innovation, its software engineering heritage, strategic business and innovation consultancy, design thinking, and physical-digital capabilities offer actual commercial value to its clients.

Riskified chose EPAM to develop and build the SAP Commerce Cloud connector because EPAM is a reputable platinum partner system integrator certified by SAP with a track record of developing successful connectors. EPAM assists its clients in digitally transforming in the cloud, unlocking significant business breakthroughs, and creating new growth prospects that put clients ahead of the competition thanks to their specialization in SAP solutions and eCommerce. EPAM uses SAP to build quicker business processes that lead to simpler client interactions.

SAP Customer Experience Practice Lead at EPAM, Myles Bunbury said, “EPAM has a strong reputation for building connectors for best-in-class solutions that compliment eCommerce platforms. Our partnership with Riskified represents an ongoing commitment to the eCommerce ecosystem for SAP. By investing in a solution for SAP Commerce Cloud, Riskified showcases how seriously it takes managing fraud risk on behalf of its end customers, risk advisors, and merchants by helping them lower their onboarding and total cost of ownership. Merchants are well advised to go with an AI-powered fraud detection solution like Riskified to remain highly adaptable in the era of bots and other rapidly evolving

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