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Roboyo Announces Platinum Collaboration Celonis to Increase Opportunities for Digital Transformation

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A global hyper-automation professional services company, Roboyo Group announced that it has collaborated with a leading execution management company, Celonis through a strategic Platinum Partnership Program. This partnership aims to accelerate and reinforce opportunities for digital transformation through integrating Roboyo’s existing suite of hyperautomation services with the Celonis Execution Management System (EMS).

Nicolas Hess, Co-Founder and CEO, of Roboyo, stated, “The opportunity forF process mining and execution management to create impactful transformation across a huge range of industries is tremendous. We are excited to work with Celonis to help organizations optimize their processes for improved performance. Roboyo’s full toolkit of hyperautomation expertise combined with the power of the Celonis EMS enables our customers to operate at heightened levels of efficiency they previously never thought possible.”

In addition to giving clients of Roboyo a 360-degree picture of processes, this partnership between Roboyo and Celonis will enable next-level process execution, unlocking considerable business value and boosting ROI quickly. Roboyo assists clients in implementing a comprehensive range of AI-powered automation technologies, resulting in hybrid Human+digital workforces that increase enterprise performance benefits from increments to multiples.

Bastian Nominacher, co-CEO and co-founder of Celonis, said, “At Celonis, we pride ourselves on partnering with global leaders in enterprise efficiency and Roboyo is the biggest pure play hyperautomation consulting company in the world. Now, through our Platinum Partnership, Roboyo clients have gold standard access to Celonis’ market-leading process mining and execution management technology. We are thrilled that this collaboration, which fuses our global ecosystems, lets us both deepen technical expertise and reach even more clients with both Roboyo and Celonis services and technologies.”

This systematic approach to process automation aids companies in reengineering company operations, performing procedures at times the speed, a fraction of the cost, and with zero errors, dramatically increasing employee and customer experience. Roboyo has developed a reputation for enabling businesses to successfully adapt to a fast-changing operational environment and generate next-level commercial performance.

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