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Rockset’s Integration Enables Oracle Users Make Use of Low-Cost Instant Analytics

Rockset’s New Integration Enables Oracle Users Make Use of Low-Cost Real-Time Analytics
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Real-time analytics platform built for the cloud, Rockset through its new integration with cloud technology giants Oracle, delivers new functionalities to Oracle users. Oracle users can run an instant search, and aggregations, and can also integrate data from Oracle databases through the new integration. Most organizations in the digital field, particularly those in e-commerce, gaming, health, and fraud detections have started investing in real-time analytics.

“Enterprises looking to use data from their Oracle databases to power user-facing analytics have traditionally relied on read replicas that are too expensive, or loaded it into warehouses that are too slow. Rockset now ingests real-time change data capture (CDC) streams from Oracle, and indexes every field to enable low latency, high concurrency analytics, without the cost and complexity of traditional approaches,” stated Shruti Bhat, Chief Product Officer at Rockset.

The new integration has offered more features to the developers who are using the Oracle platform. The new integration enabled Oracle users to run sub-second analytical queries that consist of JOINS with other databases, lakes, or event streams. The analytical queries on the Rockset platform are isolated and it enables the platform to improve its database performance and also can extend it horizontally in the cloud. Using the developer’s SDK (Software Development Kit), the fast microservices are empowered. The Oracle platform also uses one of Rockset’s connectors with visualization tools like Tableau, Retool, Redash, and Superset to offer real-time reporting.

The real-time analytics at the cloud-scale in the Oracle platform is backed by Rockset using the same indexing system that is leveraged for Facebook Newsfeed and Search. Rockset offers continuous transformations and rollups without the need for batch ETL tasks since fresh data is fed in real-time. The data is automatically indexed in a Converged Index, which enables cloud-native search, aggregations, and joins on real-time data.

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