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Rollick and Lightspeed Collaborate to Support Recreation Dealers

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A new technology alliance was announced between Rollick, an industry’s leading provider of customer relationship optimization for the marine, powersports, and RV industries, and Lightspeed, a leading customer relationship management (CRM) and DMS supplier in the recreation industry.

Bernie Brenner, Rollick CEO, said, “We’re excited about the trust that Lightspeed has put into this partnership and sharing Rollick with thousands of LightspeedEVO dealers. Dealers are telling us that prioritizing leads is a tough challenge right now due to the massive demand for recreation products. We want every dealer to experience the impact of this targeted lead follow-up program.”

RollickScore makes it possible for Lightspeed’s more than 1,200 LightspeedEVO dealers to instantly assess the quality of buying prospects who contact them, along with the timeline on which they are intending to purchase their next vehicle. A RollickScore is a measurement of a consumer’s purchase intent based on data collected prior to and after the purchase.

Kris Denos, CDK VP, and GM Recreation & Heavy Equipment said, “With the increase in customer demand and lead generation in the recreation industry, dealers find it difficult to prioritize which leads to follow up. A fully integrated RollickScore helps LightspeedEVO users prioritize follow-up, while RollickLens includes a user’s shopping activity to better inform dealer salespeople and speed up the buying process.”

LightspeedEVO offers a new column displaying the RollickScore for each prospect in the multi-lead view. Lightspeed’s proprietary algorithm updates the Lead Score dynamically based on the latest information, including information from Lightspeed’s CRM. Lead Scores are represented by flames ranging from one to five.

The RollickLens tool which measures customer activities before and after submission of leads backs up a Lead Score. RollickLens also displays information about the prospect’s Email Lead Nurture and Concierge Contact activity. Dealers can choose to add on Email Nurture and Concierge

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