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RPA Labs Launches Next Generation Chatbot- RPA Engage

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RPA Labs recently announced the launch of their new product- RPA Engage, a next-generation chatbot that can give automated email responses and considers as future of customer experience for the shipping industry.

RPA Labs’s pre-built Software Bots automate conversations, documents, and workflows for logistics and supply chain. Their software bots majorly help by reducing manual, mundane tasks so that companies can grow without more people which leads to a better customer experience. RPA Engage is a premier logistic conversation AI which automates interactions with customers, vendors, and internal teams.

The newly launched product is a combination of conversational AI, machine learning, natural language processing, and a built-in language library of logistic terminology. RPA Engage can answer any logistic inquiries such as Spot Quotes, Track &Trace, Sailing Schedules, Customer Service Inquiries, and many more.

The new chatbot, RPA Engage is a ready-to-deploy, no-code solution that can be easily incorporated into systems. It offers two important options to improve customer experience:

  1. AI-Powered Logistics ChatBot– RPA Engage’s AI-Powered Logistics ChatBot offers instant response to general inquiries. Companies can implement RPA Engage to deliver quick chat responses on their websites, social media platforms, text or SMS, and so on. RPA Engage can integrate with existing systems to provide accurate replies to customer queries on all chat channels.
  2. Email Response Bot– RPA Engage offers nonstop support for customer and vendor inquiries through email. It answers customer inquiries with the most used way of communication, email, and reduces email inboxes.

Jay Devers, CEO, and Co-Founder of Bestway Freight Solutions said that no one can refute that the way shippers consider and consume logistics services is steadily changing. In a time of generational change and unprecedented global events, they want to engage their clients at the time, place, and platform best suited to their needs. RPA Labs ChatBot is a piece of that strategy. Rating new shipments, regardless of communication method, is historically and reliably deficient in obtaining all the data needed for a quality response.

He added, “The RPA Engage AI-Powered Logistics ChatBot addresses that within a simple user interface and attention span; in other words, without a long and unfriendly checklist for the user. Our expectations are high: we want to see new users to the system and we want to see user satisfaction rise among long-standing customers. We chose RPA Labs because they are a leader in this space with a proven executive team known to be on the front end of new technology.”

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