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Runecast and SVA Software Collaborates

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A VPN is an essential component of IT security, whether you’re just starting a business or are already up and running. Most business interactions and transactions happen online and VPN

Patented enterprise platform for IT security and operations, Runecast and IT infrastructure service provider SVA Software, Inc. has entered into a strategic alliance. The partnership enables Runecast and SVA GmbH to expand their services in North America by including SVA Software.

The business strategy for SVA is based on its software and service solutions growing to meet the requirements of its clients’ stages of growth and to help customers make sense of the data that their systems generate. Mainframe optimization solutions, VMware license assessments, infrastructure analytics, data archival, and disaster recovery runbook are the major services provided by SVA Software. Customers will be able to negotiate with the upcoming enterprise license agreement (ELA) vendor with more knowledge using the in-depth insights provided by the platform.

“The strength of our partnership with SVA GmbH in Germany made it an easy choice to extend that partnership also to SVA Software, Inc. in North America. Having a channel-first approach to market means that we rely on finding the best local partners to enable Runecast growth,” stated Ched Smokovic, Chief Revenue Officer at Runecast.

From online banking and shopping to emergency call services and air traffic control, Runecast has become the go-to solution for safeguarding and stabilizing mission-critical IT operations. The platform also delivers a proactive approach and predictive analytics in the field of hybrid and multi-cloud management and security. Active monitoring, automated best practices, and actionable insights to VMware, AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Kubernetes are delivered by Runecast, along with backing for Windows and Linux at the OS level.

Lisa Schwab, VP of Sales and Marketing, said “We are happy to add Runecast’s unique solution and strength in the VMware space to our portfolio. The partnership confirms the commitment in extending an award-winning platform like Runecast to the North American market. Runecast is a perfect complement to SVA’s BVQ data analytics platform providing customers with a robust set of solutions to maximize and optimize their IT infrastructures.”

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