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Ryan Joins the Automation Anywhere Technology Alliance

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Award-winning global tax services and software provider, Ryan has joined the Automation Anywhere Technology Alliance Program to improve operational efficiencies with robotic process automation (RPA).

Automating business processes and integrating digital workers, such as software bots that automate business processes, are being increasingly used by organizations worldwide, including tax and finance. With its flexible and scalable functionality, the technology can automate a vast range of manual and cumbersome tasks. It facilitates the accelerated move to “real-time” data processing by ensuring high levels of accuracy and consistency.

Andrew Burman, Ryan Principal of Tax Technology and Transformation, said, “The collaboration with Automation Anywhere is another weapon in our arsenal to help our clients accelerate their own transformation journeys. RPA is a key driver of automation and standardization, particularly where clients’ tax functions are working with data from a range of sources or managing disparate teams. Combining the capabilities of the Automation Anywhere platform with our expertise and experience will help clients realize their optimal tax operating model and accelerate their tax transformation journey.”

Using RPA in conjunction with artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and analytics is part of a broader data processing approach. With Ryan’s tax transformation expertise, clients can create future-fit, flexible, and scalable tax functions from within their existing portfolios or the market with various available technology solutions.

Alastair Lines, Director, Strategic Partnerships, Automation Anywhere, said, “We are delighted to welcome Ryan into our Technology Alliance Program. Tax professionals typically spend more than half their time either gathering or manipulating data. By staying ahead of the curve, tax departments can automate routine, predictable tasks that tie up valuable resources and add greater value to the business.”

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