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S-NET Communications Announces the Launch of S-NET Engage

S-NET Communications Announces the Launch of S-NET Engage
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S-NET Communications, a leading provider of cloud-based business solutions and networking services, recently launched an AI-powered customer experience solution, S-NET Engage. It is an all-encompassing, multi-flow contact center system that enables businesses to provide seamless, automated, and personalized customer experience journeys across channels like voice, SMS, email, web chat, fax, and Facebook, with the inclusion of more channels planned for later this year.

The expectation of seamless, multichannel customer communications has risen in a market where customer service is the primary factor in determining brand loyalty. However, as many firms continue to experience a skills shortage, it is more difficult to meet clients’ constantly rising demands. To resolve this, S-NET Engage Contact Center utilizes best-in-class AI to build automated, scalable customer journeys and empowers businesses of all sizes to deliver simplified and personalized customer experiences while lightening the load on customer service staff.

By streamlining the customer experience through self-service options, live agent engagements, inter-agent collaboration tools, and business process automation, S-NET Engage provides productivity solutions and conversational platforms that will significantly increase customer satisfaction for organizations. Its cutting-edge AI engine and sentiment analysis capabilities allow businesses to automate customer journeys and automatically match each customer with the virtual or live person who has the most relevant training, expertise, and resources to handle their situation. S-NET Engage gives customer support teams the ability to tailor every client touchpoint across all channels.

Through consolidated queues, client history records, and advanced reporting, S-NET Engage also makes it easier to manage workload within the customer service team. By reducing support times, boosting agent productivity, and elevating the customer service team with AI-powered self-serve solutions and automation, businesses are empowered to enhance customer loyalty and lower churn.

Alex Fayn, CEO, S-NET, said, “Customer expectations have been significantly shaped by the advanced AI that large corporations use to optimize each client interaction. Customers today expect the same personalization from every brand, and they expect business to meet them on their preferred channels of communication. An omnichannel contact center solution powered by leading-edge AI gives organizations large and small the tools to deliver the same enterprise-grade, solution-centered customer care, whether they have a large call center or just a couple of customer service reps on their team.”

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