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SAP Announces Acquisition of Askdata to Leverage AI-driven Search

SAP Announces Acquisition of Askdata to Leverage AI-driven Search
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SAP, a German multinational software company, acquired Askdata, a search-driven analytics company, to support businesses in making more informed decisions by utilizing AI-driven natural language searches. With this acquisition, SAP intends to empower users to search, engage, and work together on real-time data to maximize business insights.

Askdata’s tailored experience, which is available in many different languages, connects live to source apps without moving data and retains the entire business context to offer meaningful responses and proactive insights. It uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies to analyze natural language, enabling users to quickly get the answer to any data question. Users can immediately extract the most value from data by interacting with it in a more straightforward manner without having to master a self-service analytics solution.

“The data and analytics market is evolving, and it is imperative that we provide simpler user experiences that will empower casual users to be able to make data-driven decisions independently. The ability to cater to a wide range of user profiles will be the primary driver of data and analytics adoption. Askdata provides SAP with a path to lead this transition to the benefit of our customers”, said Irfan Khan, President and Chief Product Officer, SAP HANA Database and Analytics, SAP.

Following the acquisition, the intellectual property of Askdata will be incorporated into the SAP Business Technology Platform and it will provide customers and line-of-business applications of the SAP Analytics Cloud solution with a next-generation lightweight analytics experience.

Both SAP and Askdata have agreed to keep the acquisition price and other transactional financial information confidential. However, both the companies intend to keep working together to leverage AI-driven searches to enhance analytics capabilities and help organizations conduct meaningful businesses.

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