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SAS Announces Partnership with SingleStore

SAS Announces Partnership with SingleStore
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SAS, a leading provider of business analytics software and services, announced collaboration with SingleStore, a cloud-native database provider, to assist enterprises in removing barriers to data access, in maximizing performance and scalability, and in gaining valuable data-driven insights. The integration of SAS Viya with SingleStore will allow the use of SAS analytics and AI technology on data stored in SingleStore’s cloud-native real-time database. In order to speed up value for cloud, hybrid, and on-premises deployments, this integration will also offer flexible and open access to curated data.

Using data compression offered by SingleStore and the analytical capability of SAS, both the companies aim to lessen the difficulty of data management and integration as well as the computing time necessary to train complicated models.

“For many organizations, repetitive data movement, manual processes and isolated data islands make it difficult to quickly derive value from analytics. SAS Viya with SingleStore delivers a game-changing set of capabilities that simplifies and accelerates the iterative data and analytics loops to improve speed-to-decision and unlock that critical value”, said Bryan Harris, Chief Technology Officer at SAS.

The integration of SAS Viya with SingleStore will enable the direct execution of SAS’s sophisticated AI and machine learning analytics against relational database tables in SingleStore. By providing this feature, SAS and SingleStore will assist businesses in significantly decreasing the technical debt they have with duplicate data stores, thereby enhancing the performance of their analytic workloads and ultimately revealing crucial competitive advantages.

Raj Verma, CEO of SingleStore, commented, “The integration of SingleStore’s hybrid, multi-cloud database into the parallel analytics engine, SAS Viya, will dramatically improve performance, reduce cost, and enable real-time applications for organizations. Personally, it is a privilege to partner with the company that practically invented analytics, AI and ML. I have long admired SAS in terms of its technology, culture and leadership, and to partner with them as they reinvent the space is both an honor and an exciting opportunity.”


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