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SeedBlink Collaborates with TDCX to Build Customer Loyalty

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SeedBlink, a leading provider of financial services, recently announced partnership with TDCX (NYSE: TDCX) to assist portfolio firms in accelerating their sales cycle and delivering enhanced customer experience.

SeedBlink is an online investment platform that links investors with technology start-ups. TDCX is an award-winning digital customer experience solution provider. The partnership with TDCX will help in enhancing the post-investment support that SeedBlink offers to its portfolio firms. Start-ups can aspire to scale their CX teams more quickly and improve performance by utilizing TDCX’s CX experience. This will help entrepreneurs to make better use of the money acquired through SeedBlink.

Diwaker Singh, CEO at Crikle, said, “The team at SeedBlink is a pleasure to work with and respond quickly to our business needs. They have brought us together with TDCX to unlock business growth, expand our team and increase our skill sets. Working with an experienced outsourced partner results in greater efficiency, lower operating costs, more flexibility, and faster time to market.”

The firms in SeedBlink’s portfolio will have access to TDCX’s customer experience solutions, which include content moderation, omnichannel customer experience, sales, and digital marketing. TDCX will offer outsourced solutions in areas like customer care, technical assistance, and inside sales and is a partner to many of the world’s leading and disruptive firms in industries including e-commerce, fintech, and technology.

Andrei Dudoiu, Managing Partner at SeedBlink, commented, “When our startups succeed, SeedBlink succeeds. Our goal is for startups to come to SeedBlink and discover real support for scaling and new opportunities beyond capital – with an array of partners who understand their needs and their stage of growth. Partnering with TDCX, a global CX provider, takes us one step further on our journey beyond crowd investing in tech startups.”

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