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Select Data and Corridors Partners to Enhance Document Review

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Select Data Partners, a leading provider of healthcare data management solutions, has announced a partnership with Corridor, a provider of post-acute EHR solutions, to enhance post-acute document review with SmartCare™. The partnership aims to provide a more efficient and effective way for healthcare providers to review and analyze patient data, specifically for post-acute care. SmartCare™, which is powered by Select Data Partners\’ technology, will enable providers to easily access and review patient information from multiple sources, including Corridor\’s EHR system. 

The partnership will enable providers to better understand their patient\’s health history and care needs, leading to improved care coordination and outcomes. The platform will also offer advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, allowing providers to identify trends and potential issues in patient care. 

 \”We are thrilled to be working with Corridor on this. The market reach or their tech-enabled coding and clinical documentation review services in the post-acute market will be invaluable as we continue to enhance the SmartCare artificial intelligence solution. With SmartCare, we are committed to providing a more efficient and accurate solution for document review, and this partnership will help us achieve that goal,\” stated Ed Buckley, CEO of Select Data. 

 The partnership is expected to have a positive impact on the post-acute care industry, as it will help providers to more easily access and review patient data, leading to improved care coordination and outcomes. With the increasing need for better care coordination and improved outcomes in post-acute care, this partnership is well-timed and will help providers to meet these challenges head-on. 

 Des Varady, Chief Executive Officer of Corridor, stated “Corridor is always looking to leverage technology to enhance our coding and clinical documentation review services. SmartCare will help ensure our services remain best-in-class.\”  

Overall, the partnership between Select Data Partners and Corridor is an important step forward in the healthcare industry, as it will help providers to more effectively and efficiently review patient data and improve care outcomes for post-acute care patients.\” 

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