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Seoul Robotics Collaborates with Agia to Scale 3D Perception Solutions

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Seoul Robotics, a provider of 3D perception solutions that uses deep learning AI, has partnered with Agia, a technology systems integrator. Through Agia, the company can provide complete 3D perception platforms in Argentina, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Ecuador, and Colombia that combine software, LiDAR sensors, and processing units.

William Muller, Vice President of Business Development at Seoul Robotics, said, “From the start, Seoul Robotics’ software architecture was designed to be flexible, reliable and accessible, eradicating the barriers to entry that previously existed. Now, with our partnership with Agia, we are extending our value proposition to South America and providing turn-key solutions that enable companies and cities to gather 3D insights.”

Through digital transformation, Agia optimizes operations, improves health and safety, and improves urban life and work quality. Agia will work directly with customers to provide 3D sensing solutions for a wide range of applications through the partnership with Seoul Robotics.

Federico Argerich, CEO, and Co-Founder of Agia said, “We are always looking to offer our customers the most advanced technical solutions on the market, and we’ve tried other alternatives, but they all failed. Seoul Robotics’ platform is game-changing. Their mature platform enables us to use 3D perception in complex deployments, fueling unprecedented insights to protect perimeters, lower the rate of accidents in risky environments, and automate processes.”

Many local economies in South America rely on industries requiring heavy machinery, such as mining, ports, airports, oil, gas, and drilling. These efforts will focus heavily on safety. In addition to safe machine-to-machine interactions and asset protection, 3D solutions can enhance perimeter security and ensure asset protection.


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