Sesame Software, the enterprise data management leader, unveils a high-volume data connector for Siebel. The integration will enable organizations to use Siebel’s sophisticated capabilities by connecting Siebel to other enterprise systems.

The data connector provided by Relational Junction enables users of Siebel to connect with various endpoints. The patented hyper-threaded technology assures that the processed data will be handled quickly. The integration of relational Junction with Siebel provides a solution to the issue of managing various platforms, which will result in difficulty in decision making and examining data.

The integration has provided several benefits. The new integration enables Siebel to connect with cloud and on-premises applications within minutes. Easy synchronization of Salesforce, Oracle, and other back-end systems. By gaining access to the whole Siebel data model, you can incorporate different hybrid CRM (Customer Relationship Management) installations and quicker CRM migrations. Streamline corporate operations by linking IT systems and managing business activities across apps. Without heavy, repeated lifting, integrate data at analytical and operational levels. There is no need for coding, data mapping, or upkeep.

Integration, replication, data warehousing, and compliance are all part of Relational Junction’s diverse offering. The platform’s scalable design adapts to changing data demands across organizations. Users have ready access to the data and can use it as they see fit.