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SignalPlus Announces Integration with Deribit

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SignalPlus, a leading options trading analytics tool platform, recently announced integration with Deribit, to incorporate Deribit’s leading crypto derivatives exchange into its trading platform. Users of SignalPlus will be able to benefit from Deribit\’s low-latency exchange infrastructure through this integration, which will further improve the efficiency and practicality of trading crypto options. 

As the crypto options market grows in popularity, professional users seek a more robust and comprehensive toolkit to meet their expanding option trading requirements. SignalPlus has integrated Deribit to provide users with a full suite of professional trading services, including pricing, volatility analytics, risk management, and direct trading access capabilities that are on par with the best that Wall Street has to offer. This integration was initiated to better take advantage of this opportunity. Additionally, with the inbuilt toolset of SignalPlus, users have free and unrestricted access to a rolodex of sophisticated modules, such as dynamic delta hedging, smart execution techniques, and a cutting-edge risk management system. 

\”Deribit\’s goal is to expand investor access to crypto derivatives trading in a secure, transparent and intuitive manner. By having SignalPlus integrate our platform, their user base will be able to do just this and it will also increase awareness of the true value proposition offered by crypto options. We are looking forward to working with SignalPlus to further build out our platform and make a better trading experience for all Deribit users”, said Luuk Strijers, Chief Commercial Officer at Deribit.  

Existing Deribit users can create a SignalPlus account through t.signalplus.com and connect it to their Deribit account API, and new users can sign up quickly through the SignalPlus dashboard with only a few mouse clicks as well. Connected customers can use the SignalPlus platform to benefit from customized risk management, visualize data, and receive help for an improved trading experience to produce more alpha. Deribit\’s institutional users can request the free institutional edition of the SignalPlus platform by sending an email to bd@signalplus.com or by contacting @SignalPlus Official on Telegram. 

Finally, SignalPlus will airdrop special NFTs to its early backers. A commemorative NFT will be given to users that sign up for SignalPlus, bind their Deribit API key, complete the signup form via the official Twitter page @SignalPlus Web3, and complete their first transaction within the promotion time. The specifics of the additional rewards and perks that the NFTs will provide holders with are currently being planned and will be disclosed soon. 

Chris Yu, co-founder & CEO of SignalPlus, said, \”We are very proud to expand upon our offerings and integrate Deribit, a premier digital derivatives exchange with advanced technology, a highly professional team, and a reputation for excellent depth and liquidity in the industry. With this integration, we believe that we can leverage the efficient trading tools offered by SignalPlus and jointly drive the growth of crypto options. We are excited about this integration and expect exponential growth in usage and penetration in this industry in the coming years.  

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