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Silwood Technology Collaborates with Arquitectos Tecnologicos to Hasten the Progress of ERP Data Transformation Initiatives

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Silwood Technology, a leading provider of metadata discovery software for ERP & CRM systems, announced a partnership with Arquiyectos Tecnologicos, to promote and resell Silwood Technology Limited’s software product for ERP metadata discovery, curation and integration. Arquitectos will support their clients\’ data transformation and information management activities, including data governance, data catalog, data and application migration, data warehouse, and analytics, by utilizing Safyr® to speed up and optimize the essential ERP data discovery phases. 

Developed by Silwood Technology Limited, Safyr is a self-service metadata discovery software application created for data analysts and architects to allow them to identify, traverse, and subset metadata in huge packages before exporting it to other products and technological platforms. They can accomplish this without the aid of technical experts, outside consultants, or reliance on speculation. The complex data landscapes that support application packages from SAP, Salesforce, Oracle, and Microsoft are the sole focus of Safyr\’s work. 

Based in Guatemala, Arquitectos Tecnológicos, is a prominent provider of metadata solutions to mid-sized and big customers in the telecom, financial, manufacturing, and agricultural industries. They\’ve been in business for over 25 years and also specialize in the SAP market. 

Roland Bullivant, Sales and Marketing Director, Silwood Technology, commented, “We are pleased to welcome Arquitectos Tecnologicos to our partner community. We are looking forward to working with them and their customers to improve the value customers gain from their investment in SAP and associated data transformation projects. They are a well-established and professional company dedicated to ensuring that their clients maximise the return on their data assets.” 

The data preparation and analysis phases of important information management and data transformation projects are accelerated by the usage of Safyr. It has been effectively implemented within Data Governance and Catalogs, Data Warehouse and Analytics, Master Data Management, Data Integration, and Transformation. 

Alberto Novella, President, Arquitectos Tecnologicos, said, “Metadata Discovery and Management opens a new possibility for us to enrich our Customer Value Proposition for “Data Centric Organisations” where they want to have full control of their data for business decisions, data governance and privacy initiatives. For our Enterprise Architecture endeavours they allow us to go in more detail in the Data Domain Architecture and integrate it to the Business and Application Architecture Domains”. 

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