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SimInsights Releases HyperSkill Platform: AI-powered No-Code eXtended Reality (XR) SaaS Platform

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SimInsights has released HyperSkill, a no-code 3D simulation software that utilizes Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for education. Through HyperSkill, instructional designers and subject matter experts can create immersive, interactive, and intelligent training content without having to be a programmer or have technical skills in artificial intelligence or machine learning. HyperSkill enables non-programmers to create VR/AR/AI-powered content, optimize it and distribute it across multiple devices and audiences, and collect and visualize experience data for assessment and evaluation. HyperSkill is used in healthcare, manufacturing, and education, and was developed in close collaboration with their feedback.

Rajesh Jha, the CEO and XR/AI Product Leader at SimInsights, Inc, said, “HyperSkill is a giant leap towards our mission to democratize the creation of 3D, interactive, immersive, and intelligent simulations. We are enabling instructional designers and subject matter experts (SME) to create high-fidelity learning experiences in an entirely self-serve manner.”

HyperSkill features and benefits include:

No-code authoring: It is 10 times faster and cheaper to write than with 3D game engines

Reusable repository: An XR-ready 3D asset repository for reusable assets, including virtual environments, virtual persons, and virtual objects

AI-powered: The combination of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Computer Vision simplifies authoring, enhances experiences, and enables new functionality

Cross-Platform: Deliver once, across web, desktop, and mobile, including emerging AR/VR headsets.
Multiplayer: Provides synchronous learning scenarios, including instructor-led training and collaborative learning.


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