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Skai Introduces Ask MI – Market Intelligence Solution

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A self-serve market intelligence solution – Ask MI – is being announced by Skai, a leading commerce intelligence platform. Ask MI uses artificial intelligence (AI) to provide consumers and market insight on demand through a self-serve, search-based platform. The intuitive search bar of Ask MI allows users to type any word, phrase, or question to view easily understood, interactive dashboards for their category. Users of the dashboards gain powerful insight into consumers, brands, products, competitors, and innovations.

Kate DuBois, General Manager of Marketing Intelligence at Skai, said, “The goal of Ask MI was to use a familiar interface—the ask-and-answer, natural-language search bar—as a portal to transformative, proprietary insights. Whether it’s marketing, sales, product development, or other areas, the brands we serve are led by people who need to make fast, informed decisions. Ask MI removes the barriers to leveraging data, empowering all employees to address business problems based on the same source of truth as their teams of analysts. It shortens time to insight and ultimately maximizes return from the organization’s data investment.”

Intuitives teams can now understand the market not only on the basis of what happens but also why, with Skai, a data analytics platform that connects and contextualizes outside data. With an intuitive and foolproof interface, Ask MI facilitates data-driven decision-making for all business users. It has historically served customers who were already comfortable with analyzing data internally.

Skai’s market intelligence platform could serve customers who were already comfortable with analyzing data within their brands. As for insights teams, Skai offers several existing products, including Explore MI, which enables users to uncover market and category insights at a high level and Connect MI, which accesses Skai’s data lakes to augment proprietary systems. The combination of big data and artificial intelligence with a universally accessible user experience is providing a breakthrough resource for consumer brands looking to keep pace with rapid market changes.

Businesses must address ways to democratize access to data as they turn more data-driven. Google Cloud and Harvard Business Review conducted a recent survey of business leaders, which revealed that 97% of respondents believe having access to data and analytics for the whole organization is vital for success. The majority of respondents believe that their organizations are distributing access to employees effectively. A number of challenges prevent organizations from truly democratizing their data, such as siloed data, varying technological skills, and difficulty sifting through uncontextualized data. Ask MI was created to handle all these challenges. A revolution in data access has been brought about by its intuitive interface.

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