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Skin Reporter : AI tool For Analyzing Skin From Vanity Planet™

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Beauty industry technology leader, Vanity Planet™ debuted Skin Reporter™, a groundbreaking technology that uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze the skin. A virtual facial scan can be performed with only a smartphone and the service is personalized.

Alex Dastmalchi, Founder and CEO of Vanity Planet, said, “Customers are at the center of all of what we do. As a continued effort to help our customers understand their skin care concerns, we challenge ourselves to deploy technologies that are best serving our valued customers. With that in mind, we invested in a cutting edge AI-powered skin analyzer ‘Skin Reporter’ to deliver state-of-the-art results identifying key areas of skin care concerns.”

With this latest innovation, Vanity Planet will likely reshape the future of virtual consultations with one of the first device companies that offer this level of consumer customization. Vanity Planet and Perfect Corp have partnered to bring customers truly personalized virtual esthetician appointments using AI deep learning technology.

Through this cutting-edge technology, consumers will be able to digitally scan their skin from their smartphones and be recommended devices tailored to their specific skin needs. With the help of artificial intelligence, the technology tracks dryness, oiliness, wrinkles, texture, and wrinkle depth on the skin. Consumers receive personalized recommendations based on the analysis of four skin health metrics. With Perfect Corp’s artificial intelligence, VP offers insights into the consumer’s skin after the scan as well as education about recommended devices.

Alice Chang, Perfect Corp. Founder and CEO, explained, “The clinical nature of skin care requires a diagnostic approach that is personalized for every face. Vanity Planet’s Skin Reporter provides individualized, knowledge-based beauty devices that cater to consumers’ specific and unique needs. By offering a preliminary assessment of skin health through a smartphone, beauty shoppers can be more conscious and confident in their skin care choices, finding the products that work best for them, saving time and money.”

Within one minute, the entire process is complete. Take a photo and within 30 seconds you will receive an analysis. Skin Reporter provides an instant and accurate skin assessment, ensuring each user receives customized skin care recommendations based on their skin type, analyzed and verified by dermatologists.

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