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Skyland Analytics Accelerates Its Cloud Process Information Management System

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Skyland Analytics, a provider of cloud-based data analytics and data management software solutions for commercial bio/pharma developers and manufacturers, has released Skyland PIMS, a platform for managing process information and collaborating on the data. The PIMS Stability module has been enhanced with new capabilities for statistical analysis. New analytic and visualization capabilities are included as part of PIMS 4.1. Earlier this year, Skyland Analytics announced on its website that its market share had grown as drugs and COVID-19 vaccine developers accelerated their time-to-market through digital transformation.

Joe Ruth, Chief Software Architect at Skyland Analytics, said, “This latest release of PIMS equips users with more ways to drill into product and process data, accelerate investigations, and analyze the stability and quality of therapeutic products. We have accelerated customer adoption because the industry knows our deep expertise in this space and commitment to continuous product enhancements, including significant additional functionality in the works with our forthcoming PIMS release later this year.”

The latest PIMS release includes the following new features:

  • Stability pooling and dating analytical tools
  • Correlation and regression capabilities; derived parameter capabilities; and comparison across operational units.
  • Comparative analysis of products, sites, and partners through new chart boards
  • Raw Materials Genealogy

The Skyland PIMS provides a means of creating a digital data spine early in the product life cycle for small molecules, biologics, cells, and gene therapies, enabling higher data consistency and quality while accelerating the technology transfer process. Skyland Analytics announced recently that Skyland PIMS has become increasingly popular as organizations look for data systems that can be deployed rapidly as part of accelerated manufacturing and drug development efforts.

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