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Smarsh Releases its Communications Intelligence Platform

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Smarsh, a company that helps businesses manage risk and reveal value in their electronic communications, announced the launch of the Communications Intelligence Platform, the next generation of its corporate electronic communications capture, archiving, and oversight product. Financial services corporations and other heavily regulated businesses can use AI-powered technology to collect and analyze communications data at scale, instantly identify hazards, uncover business insight, and optimize operational processes.

Brian Cramer, Chief Executive Officer at Smarsh, said, “The Communications Intelligence Platform is a major step forward for regulated organizations, enabling them to illuminate risk and insights across petabytes of electronic communications generated by many different sources. Regulatory scrutiny is only becoming more sophisticated, and data will only continue to grow in volume and complexity. The only way for these organizations to truly leverage their communications intelligence at a global scale is by leveraging artificial intelligence and the flexibility and performance of the public cloud, two core components of this groundbreaking platform.”

Organizations are more dependent than ever on digital communications to be connected, collaborative, and productive in today’s hybrid work environment. The number and variety of communications that financial services businesses must record, keep, and evaluate to meet regulatory retention and monitoring requirements is continuously increasing. Compliance and brand hazards, costly operational blunders, security concerns, real-time culture indicators, and unmet income opportunities are all part of these communications. The majority of businesses lack a systematic method for surfacing these signs.

The Communications Intelligence Platform is the first AI-powered, cloud-native, and scalable SaaS platform designed to fulfill the communications data needs of modern global companies. The Enterprise will be able to substantially simplify its IT operations, consolidate expenses, boost insights, and accelerate time-to-value with the help of the solution.

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