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“Smart Mail” And “Virtual Lockbox” Are Two New Features Introduced by Anduin

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Anduin, a renowned technology business that assists accounting firms in streamlining their work-to-cash cycle, has launched two new solutions. The award-winning Intelligence-Based BillingTM (IBB) platform from Anduin is based on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Anduin Smart Mail is a “one-click mailing” service that prints, folds, and packages invoices, statements, and other letters and ships them straight to clients. Smart Mail can be integrated easily into existing Anduin IBB implementations by firm administrators and finance leaders and And A Virtual Lockbox provides a network of dedicated, secure lockboxes, enabling businesses to process client check payments more easily and promptly. Every day, checks are scanned, digitized, and deposited automatically. It is used by businesses in conjunction with the Anduin Payments solution.

Anduin’s IBB platform, which was launched in 2021, has now been applied to dozens of top-ranked organizations and is generating quantifiable financial health improvements. Anduin is advancing its objective of freeing up time and money for accounting and other professional services organizations with the inclusion of the Smart Mail and Virtual Lockbox products.

“We’re fanatic about building solutions from the ground up to solve real problems,” says Pat Morrell, CRO of Anduin. “After we launched the IBB platform, customers immediately started asking us to tackle issues related to offline invoice distribution and check reconciliation. This all stems from a fundamental need for businesses to improve and simplify their work-to-cash cycle. Our integrated platform is uniquely positioned to tackle this “paper-to-digital” divide, and when we saw the pain these intelligent solutions could relieve for our customers, especially when Smart Mail and Virtual Lockbox are used alongside our existing IBB solutions, we went all in to quickly bring them to market.

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