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Smart Warehouse Mobility Trends

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Warehouse mobility is becoming a leading trend in the modern warehouse and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems that can help in accelerating an end-to-end enterprise business operations.

Warehouse mobility is a technology where employees can interact using a mobile device to perform daily business operations.

Warehouse mobility is transforming warehouse operation by integrating voice picking, RF/barcode scanning, and paper form process. The cloud-based mobile solution can seamlessly integrate with existing warehouse management systems, providing real-time visibility throughout the enterprise.
Warehouse mobility comprises vehicle-mounted displays, wearable devices, smart glasses, hand-held rugged devices, and voice picking headsets. It enables workers to perform remote operations on the floor with seamless conversation between managers and the field workers. Advancements in mobile technologies are driving the development of feature-rich mobile applications with an intuitive interface and are designed to be compatible with consumer devices running on android, iOS, and other popular mobile operating systems. Mobility is an out-of-box ready solution that optimizes the overall operational efficiency, minimizes training requirements and is easy to use with reduced deployment time.

Mobile-enabled warehouse applications are equipped with functionalities such as real-time visibility, decision making, performance monitoring, safety, and enhanced order fulfillment. Mobile devices support inbound material handling efficiently, providing a real-time update of purchase and transfer receipt, and transfer of information between incoming shipments and warehouse. Warehouse workers can seamlessly verify and receive the inbound material using the mobile camera to scan the barcode.  Mobile device applications help in outbound material handling, automatically generate, and display product pick up list assigned for each worker by a supervisor. Through mobile devices, outbound processes such as loading, labeling, and shipping can be easily monitored and controlled.

With real-time product status, shipments can be tracked on each point and further customer receiving the order status can significantly improve their satisfaction level. Additionally, the devices can capture signature as delivery proof and continuously update the order status in the warehouse management system.

Leading WMS vendors are significantly investing in warehouse mobility management, as it helps in enhancing the overall mobile experience and in optimizing the operational efficiency and productivity.