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SmartAction and Ottomation Joins Hand to Introduce Virtual Service Advisor ‘OTTO”

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SmartAction, a virtual agent customer service provider, introduced “OTTO” through a unique distribution agreement with Ottomation. Service bookings, maintenance schedules, oil changes, and other maintenance can be done using “OTTO”. The artificial intelligence (AI)-powered solution helps in confirming, rescheduling, or cancelling bookings by providing reminders in the form of voice/text messages.

SmartAction, via an exclusive distribution partnership with Ottomation, built Otto, the virtual service advisor, as a first of its kind solution. “We are excited to bring our expertise and decades of experience in the fixed ops side of the auto industry to this partnership,” says Noah Rouen, President of Ottomation. “We took proven scripts and analyzed thousands of service appointment calls to help create Otto – the perfect call center agent that is never sick and always ready to help customers. Otto is a game-changer for dealerships, allowing them to maximize revenues and get ahead of their competitors in a tight labor market.”

Julia Thayer, VP of Product at SmartAction, adds, “We wanted to fill a void in the scheduling space, in which dealerships had to settle for basic solutions that required complex and time-consuming installation. Our goal was to deliver a scalable solution that was easy for our dealership customers to set up, yet configurable enough to meet their individual needs.”

OTTO, which enables customers to easily book, reschedule, or cancel service appointments, reduces the workloads of service departments. Customers can select the appointment times and the solution also helps in delivering travel assistance by providing loaner cars, towing assistance, and shuttle services. The continuous notification alert regarding appointments helps in reducing the chances of missing the scheduled bookings. Integration with automotive dealership tools such as X-time, CDK, etc. enables instant booking of appointments.

Rouen concludes, “Our team has worked closely with our partners to ensure a great service experience for both dealerships and their customers. We are constantly iterating based on the real-time data from real calls to improve our solution. We are excited to launch with our first dealerships soon, and we look forward to many successful partnerships.”

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