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Snowflake Announces the Launch of Retail Data Cloud

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Data Cloud company Snowflake announced the launch of Retail Data Cloud, which brings together its data platform with solutions provided by Snowflake and partners. Consumer packaged goods (CPG) vendors, manufacturers, distributors, and industry technology providers utilize the Retail Data Cloud to synergistically collaborate across their organizations, deliver new insights, and access new data. In collaboration with its ecosystem of partners, Snowflake can enable businesses across all sectors to increase business agility, deliver exceptional personalized customer experiences, and optimize operations.

“This package of joint solutions to the Retail & CPG industry in Snowflake’s Retail Data Cloud can fuel the next wave of transformation by providing the data access, governance and sharing required to activate data and drive business value,” said Rosemary Hua, Retail and CPG Industry GTM lead at Snowflake. “Retailers and CPGs can now connect with partners and each other in the Data Cloud to take data-driven action and better serve their customers in a rapidly changing environment.”

Consumers, retailers, and brands are dealing with a global shift in how they interact. The problem of sourcing and identifying the best data and insights to manage uncertainties within the industry has become increasingly difficult. As digitization and eCommerce have expanded, customer expectations have changed, and supply chains have transformed, businesses have been under more pressure to adapt. The industry needs a platform that can serve as a platform that breaks down data silos and provides secure, managed access to data to meet the needs of this rapidly changing environment.

Retail Data Cloud from Snowflake enables businesses to:

Provide a single source of truth for all their data, regardless of its source, speed, or format

With a suite of easily managed security features like data clean room functionality, auditability features like restricted queries, centralized RBAC, and row/column level obfuscation, you can enable regulatory compliance by sharing data without moving it or exposing PII.

Improve productivity and profitability by optimizing operations using elastic performance, scaling up during seasonal peaks to meet analytics needs, and scaling down during lower demand periods

Exchange data seamlessly between three major public cloud platforms in near real-time

Using pre-built solutions from Snowflake’s network of partners, including standard data models and AI/ML-based insights, businesses can reduce time to value and achieve greater investment traction.

“As a global CPG company, the ability to quickly respond to changes in the marketplace has been essential to how we optimize operations during periods of uncertainty,” said Jorge Balestra, Global Head of Machine Learnings Operations at Kraft Heinz. “Snowflake’s Retail Data Cloud enables us to tie together data from numerous sources on purchase orders, inventory, and manufacturing, as well as collaborate on data in virtually real-time with partners like Albertsons, all in one place for end-to-end supply chain visibility that leaves zero ambiguity in our business. Snowflake has been vital to Kraft Heinz digital transformation and is enabling us to now focus resources on innovation for our customers.”

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