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SocialDiabetes Announces Global Partnership with Innovation Zed to Improve Health Outcomes

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Innovation Zed, a developer of the Insulin Pen “InsulCheck CONNECT” add-on device, and SocialDiabetes, a leading diabetes management company, has announced that they have signed a global partnership and data integration agreement to enhance health outcomes for people with diabetes. Through this partnership, the companies will promote and sell their products together to improve diabetes patients’ health outcomes.

Dr. Dean Minnock, the CEO of Innovation Zed, stated, “Now that our InsulCheck CONNECT technology is integrated with the SocialDiabetes Platform, we can empower existing platform users, and entice new users to adopt this closed data system ecosystem with aims to improve adherence and their diabetes treatment.”

InsulCheck CONNECT is an insulin pen add-on technology developed by Innovation Zed that collects injection history data automatically from the insulin pen. The SocialDiabetes platform connects via Bluetooth® to help end-users and physicians track behavioral data to improve diabetes management.

Diabetes treatment is currently hampered by the difficulty of following insulin therapy. If users are motivated to increase their daily injection schedule, their long-term glucose control (HbA1c) could be improved. Improved health can help reduce the risk of diabetes-related complications.

María Jesús Salido, CEO, Social Diabetes, said, “This global partnership is yet another cornerstone in our strategy to bring quality diabetes management to a wider audience. Therapy adherence is a serious issue, and we are dedicated to making a cumbersome task as easy as it could be. The unique features for insulin pen users in SocialDiabetes are designed to both save time and allow them to do things, otherwise only available to pump users.”

She continued, “We believe the option to calculate and set reminders for split extended bolus and the automated processes that a Bluetooth®connected pen allows will be of great benefit to owners of Innovation Zed’s InsulCheck Connect.”

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