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Sonantic Introduces a Flirty AI

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Sonantic, a pioneer in the development of fully expressive AI-generated voice software for film and gaming studios, has created a video called “What’s Her Secret?” in collaboration with a Hollywood client. The main character speaking in the video is artificial intelligence (AI), but the woman on screen is a real person. The video, which was released on Valentine’s Day, aims to show how entertainment studios can use artificial intelligence to create hyper-realistic romantic encounters.

“Human beings are incredibly complex by nature and our voices play a critical role in helping us connect with the world around us. At Sonantic, we are committed to capturing the nuances of the human voice, and we’re incredibly proud of these technological breakthroughs that we have brought to life through ‘What’s Her Secret?” said Zeena Qureshi, CEO, and John Flynn, CTO of Sonantic. “From flirting and giggling to breathing and pausing, this is the most realistic romantic demo we’ve created to date, helping us inch closer to our vision of being the CGI of Audio.”

“What’s Her Secret?” is the latest breakthrough in subtle emotions and non-speech sounds, as well as providing studios with new creative opportunities by Sonantic. The voice models, which are known for expressing a wide range of human emotions from joy to sadness, can now convey subtleties like flirty, coy, and teasing, among other new “Style” options. Non-speech sounds such as breaths scoff and laughs have also been captured by Sonantic. Sonantic’s platform is now more comprehensive than ever before thanks to these advancements in speech synthesis. Sonantic’s proprietary technology, which helps entertainment studios create life-like performances in record time, is responsible for these new capabilities.

5 Attractive Voice Qualities

  • Control your tempo: slow down to create suspense and fast up to create excitement.
  • When you speak, gently smile to make yourself sound more likeable.
  • Take a deep breath and clear your throat to allow the words to flow freely.
  • Maintain a steady, even pace to instill a strong sense of control and confidence.
  • Speak in a lower tone than usual; humans prefer soft-spoken over loud-spoken.


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