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Soprano Completes the Purchase of ubisend

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Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) and communication technology leader, Soprano has completed the purchase of UK-based conversational AI firm ubisend. ubisend helps the business organization by providing chatbot communications and helps lead business communications efficiently through the mediums such as Microsoft Teams, Facebook Messenger, Facebook Workplace, Instagram, Telegram, and email, using artificial intelligence (AI) advancements.

Richard Favero, Founder, and CEO of Soprano Design stated, “Consumers and citizens are demanding ever more tailored communication experiences from the brands and organizations they’re engaging. Brands gain a competitive advantage by offering a differentiated communication experience, with more meaningful and interactive information exchanged in the right formats and at the right times. We know that as many as 80 percent of CPaaS use cases remain undiscovered. The advances that ubisend has made in applying AI technology to provide richer communication experiences will allow us to accelerate the adoption of new use cases. Conversational AI is completely aligned to our customer promise to unleash the full potential of our customer communications.”

Many global brands like Unilever, Wagamama, and the NHS leverages the services of ubisend for customer service, lead qualifying, HR support, and several other uses. The ubisend solution allows these companies to create, deploy, and maintain chatbots across multiple regions and departments, as well as experiment with a wide range of use cases, such as RPA (robotic process automation), live chat, and ticketing solutions.

Dean Withey, founder, and CEO of ubisend said “Our mission is to leverage advancements in AI to provide a solution that can create a more intuitive and connected communication experience between businesses and their audiences. We’re excited by Soprano’s aligned mission to empower global brands to unleash their communications potential, and we can’t wait to bring ubisend to a wider audience and to work with Soprano to empower customers to create richer and more meaningful communication experiences.”

Customers of Soprano will be able to use ubisend’s advanced AI-powered communication technology to launch, manage, and monitor conversational solutions, as well as scale AI communications and automation across an entire organization, from HR and sales to IT and customer service, as a result of the acquisition. This purchase was followed by the deal of Silverstreet, the leading CPaaS provider in the APAC region and Soprano is trying to expand its hold in the CPaaS market through more investment and innovation.

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