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Spacee Enhances Customer Experience by Launching HoverTouch

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Spacee, a leading computer vision and Artificial Intelligence (AI) company, announced the release of HoverTouch, a solution that is designed to transform existing retail store surfaces like walls, glass etc. into interactive customer experiences using only light and projector. Using HoverTouch, customers can explore products virtually and gather relevant data for their purchase.

Spacee provides unique interactive augmented reality experiences to customers and monitors Internet of Things (IoT) supply chain inventory within the retail space. Spacee leverages computer vision, AI, and Machine Learning (ML) to elevate customer buying experience by integrating e-commerce directly with retail stores without using touchscreens, eyeglasses etc. With the launch of HoverTouch, Spacee intends to enhance in-store traffic, improve efficiency, and boost revenue.

HoverTouch offers the following innovative features to provide flawless interactive experience to its customers:

• Adding Hover Technology: Using this feature, customers can interact with a surface by simply hovering their hand over the surface without actually touching it.

• HoverTouch Connect: This feature allows retailers, brands, and agencies to obtain complete control of their content. With this feature, they will be able to design and deploy content in an HTML5 complaint media player to virtually run any kind of content in the HoverTouch system. This feature will also allow retailers to collect data on the basis of customer interactions.

• Plug-and-Play Installation: This feature helps in reducing installation time by allowing installations with no manual calibration or tweaking.

Skip Howard, Founder and CEO of Spacee, said, “Retailers are desperate for data, and Spacee HoverTouch can provide CX data that’s on par with what’s collected online. We’re excited to bring this to market, and thrilled that our customers are already seeing a measurable impact on in-store sales.”

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