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Spectra Logic Enhances its Vail Data Management Software

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Spectra Logic, a leading data management and data storage solutions provider, announced various enhancements to its multi cloud data management software, Spectra Vail. The new features will strengthen Vail’s ability to combine storage into a single global namespace. The enhanced features will help in efficiently delivering universal access and placement of data across multi-site and multi-cloud storage.

Spectra Vail helps in simplifying access, sharing, usage, and protection of data by centralizing data management across on-premises and multi-cloud architectures. It allows organizations to leverage cloud services irrespective of the creation and location of the data.

David Feller, Vice President of product management and solutions engineering at Spectra Logic, said, “Today’s data-driven organizations are generating, sharing, and protecting petabytes of data both locally and in the cloud to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges. Vail elegantly manages data globally, providing universal access and data placement while offering a seamless connection to multiple sites and clouds. Organizations can focus on the value and usage of data while still meeting corporate cloud-first directives and lowering total cost of ownership.”

The new enhancements will offer the following features:

• Fully qualified on-premises glacier-like solution that will allow direct access to local tape and nearline object storage to software with an S3 interface using S3 glacier-like commands that imitate AWS.

• Flexible implementation of global cloud-based object database for universal access or local on-premises object database to ensure optimized performance.

• Simple S3 disk and S3 glacier tape to facilitate modernized data protection and backup applications.

• Direct integration of cloud services with on-premises data using intelligent object synchronization.

• Support AWS object lock using on-premises storage targets. This will help in protecting data from ransomware or any other malicious activities.

• Instant and scheduled data placement and orchestration by utilizing lifecycle rules and staging interface.

• Global object placement and visibility.

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