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Spike Launches New Video Meetings To Create An Effective Workflow

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A unique conversational platform for emails, tasks, notes, and many more in a single feed, Spike, has announced that its Video and Audio Meetings feature is now fully integrated into its email inbox. Through this, the platform’s communication solutions will be optimized, enhancing team productivity and ensuring team collaboration. Spike is the first mobile app for switching between text, voice message, and live meetings.

Dvir Ben-Aroya, CEO and Co-founder of Spike, said, “Spike’s mission is building the most modern and intuitive collaborative platform while streamlining workflows. Context switching is something we’ve long had frustrations with because we see how it breaks focus throughout your day. That’s why we are constantly innovating Spike’s communication solution to allow our users to be more efficient, more focused, rather than being overwhelmed by the tools they use. We talk a lot about having a single digital workspace at Spike, and adding video meetings and calls further reinforces that idea. There are no new apps to learn, no new accounts to create, and no more trying to figure out which video meeting app to use”.

Spike has introduced “Video Meetings” which are fully integrated into your inbox with the mission of bringing teams and businesses closer to customers and communities. It allows users of Spike and users of other applications to start or join video calls. The users can switch seamlessly between email and group chat, to voice messages, to audio and video calls, and more. The same window can be used to conduct a video conference while taking notes during the meeting or viewing a presentation.

The Spike app allows users to schedule video meetings right from their calendars, or send them ad-hoc directly from their messages, without having to install and sign up like other video conferencing tools. The solution will not require any apps to download or plugins to install – just a simple solution that will help us adapt to the new normal.

Spike Video Meeting supports both Desktop and Mobile and Desktop screen sharing technologies, making it a powerful solution for all types of team meetings and project collaborations. It is also a free or low-cost alternative to long-distance calls. Additionally, the response time is enhanced by the use of integrated emojis.

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