Spiketrap, a contextualization analytics platform, and Rival Technologies Inc., the world’s top mobile market research platform, have announced a partnership that would allow researchers to acquire deeper quantitative insights from qualitative information with ease.

Andrea Vattani, co-founder and Chief Scientist at Spiketrap, said, “Spiketrap’s AI has been extensively trained to analyze unstructured user-generated content, making it uniquely equipped to accurately contextualize open-ended responses. We are thrilled to partner with Rival Technologies to herald in the future of AI-powered and enriched insights for market researchers across all industries.”

According to the Market Research Services Global Market Report, the $75 billion market research sector is increasing at a 5.3 percent compound annual growth rate. The expansion of the insights business has created an additional need for research tools that both speed operations and enable deeper analysis. Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are at the forefront of this development.

Niamh Cunningham, founding partner and Head of Channel & Strategic Partnerships at Rival Technologies, said, “This partnership introduces AI-powered efficiencies to accelerate trend identification and uncover more robust sentiment analysis in ways that are not possible with traditional methodologies. It streamlines data analysis while improving the depth of insight, creating a truly unparalleled research solution.”
Rival Technologies will use Spiketrap to expedite and improve their research capabilities using AI-powered qualitative data analysis and measurement as a result of this agreement. Spiketrap’s natural language processing AI, in particular, will contextualize open-ended survey replies in order to extrapolate common themes, measure sentiment, and inform future research endeavors.