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Spitch.ai Enables Etihad to Go Live with Virtual Assistant

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Conversational artificial intelligence (AI) leader, Spitch.ai is currently working with UAE-based Etihad Airlines to enhance the contact center efficiency by providing the service of a Virtual Assistant (VA). Covid related information will be deployed to the Etihad passengers using the solution from Spitch.ai. The customers don’t need to wait for a long time in a queue for Covid information. With the flexibility added to their current system, passengers will be able to contact agents via call or text message.

“The Spitch solution is an exciting project for the Etihad Innovation Lab. We wanted to source technology which will make it easier and quicker for our guests to reach us and resolve their issues. Spitch will save our customers’ time and enable them to enjoy a smoother experience when we receive spikes in the volume of calls,” stated Frank Meyer, Chief Digital Officer of Etihad Aviation Group.

Accuracy of the information is ensured with the omnichannel approach that combines the Virtual Assistant to communicate with a knowledge base that stores and constantly updates travel regulations. In the age of digital customers, Spitch focuses on maintaining and enhancing technologies that enhance customer experience. Oracle, Genesys, Ericsson, Avaya, Yandex, SVOX, Nuance, BEA, and Swisscom all have members on the team with extensive experience in the sector, including both technology entrepreneurs and management experience at Fortune 500 multinationals.

“Spitch’s leading-edge Conversational AI solution can easily address a major pain point for many companies, particularly airlines. Their intelligent solution can automatically handle large volumes of customer calls, drastically improving customer experience and driving efficiency for call centers. Customers get an immediate answer instead of the pain of waiting in a call queue and this increases customer satisfaction immensely,” commented Patrick Naef, former long-time airline CIO and now a member of Spitch’s Advisory Board.

Spitch.ai serves a diverse range of industries, including banking, insurance, health, technology, telecom, education, retail, public transportation, the public sector, and government in the United States and Europe. During the past year, Spitch.ai has handled around 50 million end-user contacts.

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