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Spot AI Releases AI-powered Camera System Designed to Transform Business Video Use

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In its official launch, Spot AI aims to provide every worker in any company with video intelligence, a tool that can assist them in improving security, worker safety, and processes. Spot AI has released an AI-powered camera system that is designed to transform video use in businesses.

Tanuj Thapliyal, Co-Founder & CEO of Spot AI, said, “At Spot AI we are on a mission to transform people’s relationship with their cameras from this old, hardware-centric category of surveillance to this new, software-centric era of video intelligence that changes how people think about and use video on the factory floor, the assembly line, and in any workplace. The key to this new category of video intelligence is making it easy for everyone inside the business to access video so that it becomes a tool for driving useful insights, enhancing collaboration, and maximizing individual and team potential. We looked at the entire customer journey – from purchasing, through product, and through support – and we worked to design the most simple experience possible for the customer.”

It also announced earlier this year that it had closed a $22 million Series A round of financing led by Redpoint Ventures and Bessemer Venture Partners. Spot AI has experienced explosive growth over the past year, with hundreds of customers and thousands of users; bookings have tripled quarter-over-quarter.

Millions of cameras now record billions of gigabytes of video data daily in businesses across the United States. These cameras provide rich visual context for what’s happening at work, but a flood of users – including security and safety teams – struggle to make use of them to stay informed. The system is difficult to use and was not designed for everyday use and collaboration. The process of finding footage can take hours, and sharing it often involves outdated technologies like USB sticks.

A new AI camera system from Spot AI makes it easy to operate a business based on visuals rather than hearsay. Video intelligence can reveal exactly why the conveyor belt suddenly halted, safety can determine what caused the new hire to slip and fall, and security can find out how everything copper was stolen off the roof the night before with little effort. Having access to video inside the business becomes more than just a security tool, it becomes a platform for improving company-wide operations.

Spot AI allows businesses to use their own cameras or get them for free. Leveraging cutting-edge AI chip technology built into the platform, users can easily access, identify and mark important regions to become easily searchable from their phone, tablet, or desktop. As a result of the cameras being installed throughout the business,

Spot AI’s software provides users with the ability to engage, collaborate, and extract business analytics from the video, resulting in a direct improvement in operating procedures. In one service, anyone can install and start using video streaming, networking, cloud, and AI technology.

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