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Starburst collaborates with Turin Tech to improve AI-aided Decision making with quality ML code

Starburst collaborates with Turin Tech to improve AI-aided Decision making with quality ML code
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Starburst, a quickly rising analytics company that helps with efficient decision-making processes has announced a collaboration with TurinTech, a leading platform that uses ML models combined with code analysis methods for better optimization of codes. The partnership would help in producing quality ML codes for better business decision-making at a low price.

With the growing amount of data any company today works with, many data analysts are required to sort and analyze it. But a set of data is usually stored across multiple systems which is hard to access quickly, which hinders efficient data analytics and delays decision-making. The conventional process of sorting and moving all the required data into a single space for analysis is both time-consuming and arduous. Starburst enables a single point of access to all the data no matter where the data is stored with speed and high concurrency.

TurinTech is known for one of the most cutting-edge AI products that allow the optimization of AI and codes for various applications. Since building an AI and incorporating its existing business process is a difficult and time-consuming task, this UK-based company takes the existing code of an AI, then analyze and optimizes it to increase its efficiency. By automating the process of data analytics the evoML platform from TurinTech should reduce the time taken to analyze data from Starburst significantly.

Toni Adams, SVP of Alliances at Starburst, said: “With quick access to all of your data and without the complexities of data migration and copies, we are committed to enabling our users to make smarter decisions. This is why our partnership with TurinTech is so promising. TurinTech’s evoML platform will elevate data analysis and empower customers to do more with their data.”

Starburst’s fast and easy data access combined with TurinTech’s evoML platform helps businesses to build machine learning models from raw data. With this incorporation, clients of Starburst would be able to employ the ML model within Starburst database and access quicker and better business insights. In addition to this, clients would also have full control over the model codes for better customization and improved transparency. Clients would also save time and money by reducing data migration.

Dr. Leslie Kanthan, CEO and co-founder at TurinTech, commented: “Our partnership with Starburst enables enterprises to quickly develop and deploy production-quality AI code, enhancing business value with higher efficiency. This partnership will give users full access to top-quality AI code, empowering them to have full transparency. Customers will save time and cost of AI with our co-offering, something that will be extremely important in the coming months as businesses everywhere try to thrive in the recession.”


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