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Startek Launches Startek Agent AI to Improve Customer Engagement

Startek Launches Startek Agent AI to Improve Customer Engagement
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Startek, a global customer experience (CX) management solutions provider, recently expanded its product platform by launching Startek Agent AI. It is a modular platform that combines three AI-powered solutions to improve employee experience (EX) and provide better customer experience (CX).

Startek Agent AI builds on the success of the award-winning Startek Cloud by enhancing both the agent and customer experience. It can be deployed as a single solution or as discrete modules. The Startek Cloud combines technology and a process framework to enable agents to work remotely on any device while always having operations protected by built-in security governance.

Abhinandan Jain, Chief Digital Officer, Startek, said, “Our Future of Work strategy prioritizes the innovative use of technology to reduce agent effort and enable our teams to deliver world-class CX whether in brick-and-mortar or remote roles. Startek Agent AI is the next step in the deployment of this strategy. At the forefront of contact center technology, our pilot programs demonstrate that employing technology to improve the agent experience is a win-win-win solution, delivering measurable benefits for our clients and their customers as well as our people.”

Startek Coach, Startek Gamification, and Startek Knowledge Management will help 43,000 CX experts around the world to onboard and upskill more quickly and provide greater value to customers by lightening the load of repetitive manual tasks that ordinarily fall on contact center agents.

  • Startek Coach: It provides on-demand coaching to contact center teams. Startek Coach delivers automated coaching sessions, provides insights, suggests development areas to maximize time spent with live coaches, and monitors agent progress over time. Agents hone their abilities in a secure setting by mimicking real-life client engagements, including live chat and audio exchanges. The Startek AI Coach prompts optimum practice actions in real-time, accelerating speed to competency, thanks to high-quality speech-to-text transcription and AI models.
  • Startek Gamification: Startek Gamification uses AI to deliver insights on agent performance and links data from several contact center KPIs to identify agent behavior. Startek Gamification has the potential to cut average handling times (AHT) by as much as 10%, enhance first contact resolutions (FCR) by as much as 10%, and boost customer satisfaction (CSAT) by at least 5%.
  • Startek Knowledge Management: Startek agents can rapidly retrieve the most recent information, thanks to a combination of cognitive algorithms that continuously learn from enterprise knowledge sources. Agents respond to client inquiries more quickly and consistently when they are not required to recall material or conduct extensive research. In turn, customers receive a more individualized experience from the agents who can devote more of their time to them. Furthermore, with Startek Knowledge Management, ticket creation and triage times can be cut by up to 35%, manual effort for email customer service can be cut by up to 50%, and AHT can be cut by up to 20% for all omnichannel interactions.

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