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Stepping up Email Hygiene to Improve Customer Experience

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Marketers strive to integrate complex data together from multiple sources so that they can access product and customer information. A subsequent rise in the utilization of abundant data sources by marketing department is witnessed which is increasing rapidly. The growth rate of data sources will proliferate in the forthcoming years. Hence, marketers need to consolidate all the data effectively and here Customer Data Platform (CDP) comes for the rescue.

What does CDP imply?

CDPs facilitate marketers to obtain and integrate data from various channels and sources into centralized customer database to create a unified profile for a specific user.  CDPs stitch comprehensive structured and unstructured data, perform analytics to make a unified customer profile, create micro-segments of various customer types, and enable marketers to execute marketing campaigns effectively for an exceptional customer experience across touchpoints.

The Customer Data Platform is an agile platform accommodating the constantly evolving customer behavior and dynamic technology trends. Businesses are leveraging CDPs to compile data from disparate sources and accelerate business processes.

CDP is a software solution, using which, organizations can consolidate data at a unified data source. However, it is crucial for organizations to focus on cleaning the data obtained from multiple sources.

Unclutter Your Data With Email Hygiene

Data accumulated from numerous sources for CDP should be up to date, authentic and meticulous for further utilization. The organization should make sure data is in its best shape before implementing it, for easy identification of  new segments, structure models and delivery of real time content for a personalized experience.  To assure data obtained is factual and accurate, organizations may focus on imbibing email hygiene like solutions.

What Does Email Hygiene Mean?

Email hygiene, also referred as email scrubbing, is a process of determining and discarding invalid and inactive email subscribers from the email list. It evades spam folders, performs segmentation of email list to deliver appropriate messaging, fosters relationships with subscribers by applying personalization approach and upholds good sender reputation by developing a suppression list.

Email hygiene helps in eliminating hard bounces in an email campaign by facilitating emails to reach potential customers. It increases conversion rates with proper email list hygiene resulting in saved time and effort. Email list hygiene assures that the organization is saving of time and effort. Lastly, it aids in downsizing data management cost, rising campaign response rate and boosting sales.

In dynamic circumstances such as people moving, getting married or changing names, the customer data becomes antiquated. Hence, it essential for marketers to possess updated and appropriate customer data which they can obtain from various search engines and data selling web pages.
Similar to email hygiene, organizations may also utilize Data Appends like solutions that makes databases rich by amending missing information.