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StoryFile Brings Conversational Video Revolution Through Conversa AI Platform

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Developers of Conversational Video, StoryFile, have introduced a one-of-a-kind SaaS enterprise solution Conversa. The platform helps enterprises by providing tools to collect, create and train artificial intelligence (AI) interactions and publish them online. Business organizations and other institutions leverage the technical tools provided by the application to create conversational videos for their teams, clients, and the public which provides them authority over their content, message, and brands. The subscription-based web app provides an engaging and impactful experience through an immersive humanized experience that gives its users the authority to ask questions.

Stephen D. Smith, CEO of StoryFile, stated “Conversa is the engine that will revolutionize business communications. It makes previously impossible asynchronous conversations possible, at scale, and forges a new kind of relationship between companies and their audiences. Wherever there is a question to be asked and answered, there’s an application for Conversa.”

The technological background to its Video 3.0 (interactive, multi-media, multi-modal, and metaverse compliant video content) is backed by StoryFile’s patents like Natural Conversation Storytelling System’ and ‘Artificially Intelligent Interactive Memory System. A number of Fortune 500 companies make use of Conversa for training their employees, and programs to maintain organizational data and to interact with their clients. Conversa will be utilized by StoryFile to drive all types of Video 3.0 engagements across Web 3.0 apps, including asynchronous learning, recruiting, dating, and metaverse discourse, according to StoryFile.

The workflow for creating a fully interactive StoryFile is provided by the cloud-based automated web app, which includes question generation, capture, transcription, translation, natural language processing, posting, distribution, and end-user involvement. Conversa can search through all associated interview clips for that StoryFile to find an intuitive conversational response when the audience asks a question. Essentially, the system can match pre-recorded replies with future inquiries utilizing StoryFile’s patented technology and AI, allowing for a real-time yet asynchronous conversation.

Employee on-boarding, marketing and sales, corporate training, and similar other functions can be done using Conversa. The highly adaptable no-code online software can replace the FAQ, chatbot, and any explainer video with any camera or webcam and a variety of templates and multimedia capabilities. The Conversa dashboards provide insights regarding questions asked by the audiences, the validity of the information provided by the organizations, recent questions which are asked, etc. This data helps organizations instantly monitor, update and adapt to customer requests.

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