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Stratio, Inc. Releases AI Technology For Border Checkpoints

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AI and sensor company, Stratio, Inc., has released an AI-enhanced image inspection solution that uses infrared technology to improve public safety. With this new technology, Stratio, Inc. can detect design infringements on suspect items at border checkpoints instantly. South Korea’s National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA) sponsored the development of the “AI Convergence for Illegal Counterfeit Inspection System,” which will play an important role in helping to identify design infringement cases at border checkpoints.

The Co-Founder and VP of Systems Engineering at Stratio, Inc. Youngsik Kim, said, “In terms of how the technology works, the AI inspection system compares photos of objects to images of a different domain within an intellectual property (IP) database. Using this innovative technology, we are able to eliminate the almost impossible process of manually sifting through all the similar designs and condense the work to just a few simple clicks. The best part, this is all done from our simple user-friendly and intuitive mobile app.”

Stratio, Inc. began key development over two years ago with support from NIPA. This entailed gaining access to an industry database of IP designs and evaluating picture data from previously discovered infringements. The system’s machine learning (ML) algorithms, which target the most regularly afflicted items at border inspections, started the process. Car components, beauty goods, IT products, and household appliances are just a few examples of things that go through the prototype system for comprehensive testing.

Stratio, Inc. wants to add photos from the world’s first smartphone-compatible SWIR camera, BeyonSense®, to the system’s capabilities. By taking images in the SWIR range to expose invisible aspects of things, BeyonSense® will offer an extra layer of detection. In addition, for the first time in history, BeyonSense® will also enable access to SWIR imaging, opening up an entirely new market for smartphone-accessible SWIR applications.

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