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Suki Introduces New Voice Capabilities to Suki Assistant

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology provider in the healthcare sector, Suki has introduced new capabilities to its voice-enabled digital assistant “Suki Assistant”. Physicians using the digital assistant now have access to more simplified information retrieval and documentation experience using an extended range of instructions, which reduces administrative load and saves time for patient care. Suki has been constantly releasing new capabilities that address an ever-increasing range of clerical jobs, and this is the most recent addition.

“Transforming physician administrative workflows through the promise of voice and AI remains Suki’s primary mission. Our team’s innovation continues to improve the outlook on the clerical burden, one of the principal causes of the physician burnout epidemic plaguing healthcare. Suki keeps getting better, and the new capabilities are available to users at no additional cost. We are committed to delivering the best possible experience to our users; quickly and continuously improving is the best way to do so,” stated Punit Soni, CEO of Suki.

A large patient dataset of patients can be retrieved quickly using ‘show me” commands which deliver vital signs, medications, allergies, and medical and surgical histories of a patient. Clinicians can access Important patient information from electronic health records (EHR) which enables them to be more updated regarding their patients.

“Suki Assistant has been a game changer for our practice in terms of documentation and time spent on administrative tasks. The solution has freed up significant time for my colleagues and I to focus on our primary mission—spending time with patients. The new Show Me commands make it extremely easy to quickly access important information like medication or allergy lists so we can have thorough, informed conversations with our patients without being distracted by searching and clicking in the HER,” commented Dr. Judd Reynolds, family medicine physician at a large multi-specialty clinic.

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