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Super.AI Enhances its Unstructured Data Processing Platform

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Super.AI released the latest edition of its Unstructured Data Processing (UDP) Platform, making it easier for global business services and IT departments to broaden the scope and speed of intelligent automation.

Anil Vijayan, Partner at Everest Group, said, “As the technology matures, we are witnessing the evolution of IDP capabilities beyond semi-structured documents to unstructured text documents, images, videos, and more. The ability to plug and play relevant AI models, the introduction of sophisticated human-in-the-loop capabilities, and expansion of pre-packaged solutions are a few other notable attributes of this evolution.”

“We were blown away at how quickly super.AI built an application customized for our specific use case. The platform streamlines task routing and data validation, and the AI learned from human workers to automate most of our work in a matter of weeks,” said Amit Ben, co-founder, and CEO at One AI.

For document processing, sensitive information redaction, and processing various types of unstructured data such as emails, text, photos, video, and audio, shared services centers must now install numerous point solutions. Super. The UDP Platform from AI integrates intelligent document processing (IDP), human-in-the-loop (HITL), redaction, and data processing of any sort, decreasing the number of platforms required for intelligent automation.

The latest super.AI UDP Platform version includes the following enhancements:

Intelligent document processing (IDP) of the next generation that uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to provide high-quality outcomes.

Streamline regulatory compliance and decrease risk with efficient and accurate document, image, audio, and video redaction.

Organizations can now incorporate third-party and in-house specialists into automation workflows thanks to reimagined human-in-the-loop capabilities for data validation and labeling.

More than 150 quality control techniques are embedded into the platform to ensure production and meet service level agreements (SLAs).

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