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Super Bowl Audience Reaction to be Analyzed with NeuroLynQ™

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Live biometric monitoring and analysis will be provided by Ipsos, IVP Research Labs, Schlesinger Group, and Shimmer Research using NeuroLynQ™ throughout this year’s Super Bowl. Fans’ emotional responses to all the action — catches, kicks, fumbles, touchdowns, and referee calls — will be monitored using biometrics.

They are conducting the research using 40 football fans wearing NeuroLynQ™ sensors on their wrists. 20 will be supporting one team and the other 20 will be supporting the other team. The sensor will analyze the galvanic skin responses (GSR) and changes in glandular activity throughout the game. The fans can have food and drinks as normal, only their celebrations plans will be altered.

“We are trying to make this experience reflect real life as closely as possible by recruiting participants who already planned to watch the Super Bowl at that bar. We are just asking them to wear the NeuroLynQ device during the game. They won’t even notice that it is there after a few minutes. But their response to the game and the Super Bowl ads will be available for analysis immediately,” said Geoffrey Gill, President of Shimmer Americas.

“The beauty of this approach is that viewers of the stream will be able to see this Super Bowl audience data in real time without having to be present. From our side, we are most interested in the performance of the commercials and we will be using this data to inform our comprehensive and holistic assessment of Super Bowl advertising success, which will be publicly available by 4 pm ET on Monday,” said Pedr Howard, Senior Vice President, Creative Excellence at Ipsos.

“IVP and Schlesinger are always looking for ways to advance qualitative research and provide richer insights into consumer behavior. This new study will allow biometric research to be conducted in real time during one of the most widely watched sporting events of the year in the United States. It will be fascinating to see how fans’ arousal and attention changes as the game unfolds,” said Bob Granito, President, IVP Research Labs.

A limited number of spots are available to watch the live footage and view the results immediately. Those interested should fill out the form to reserve a slot.

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