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Supply Chain Organizations Move Towards Cloud-based Operations

Cloud-based Supply Chain, Intelligent Process Automation, IPA

Cloud-based systems are the future of every industry in today’s market, including supply chain. The integration of cloud-based solutions with supply chain provides precise information and improves cost-saving throughout the organization. Companies looking for improved supply chain should opt for cloud-based solution integrated with their current suites.

Some key aspects for the future of Cloud-based Supply Chain are –¬†

Cloud Technology

True Visibility

When integrated with physical products, cloud-based solutions offer real-time and accurate tracking of the products in an end-to-end supply chain. Cloud-based solutions help supply chain associates to plan, schedule and manage the supply chain effectively and mitigate the risks and errors involved; resulting in precise decision making, excellent customer satisfaction and

360 degree Information Connectivity and System Access

The cloud-based solution eliminates silos and improves information sharing. Instead of keeping information within a department or location, cloud technology can gather all information in a unified storage space. This information can be accessed by each individual and strengthen supply chain teams to achieve appropriate inventory management, shipping, product tracking, and share real-time updates to all the parties in a supply chain. Cloud servers can be accessed globally, allowing associates to facilitate multiple offices and departments for instant access to critical data.

Cost Effective Operations 

Adoption of SaaS (Software as a service) based solutions is a cost-effective option for supply chain management due to its easy and affordable installation for all types of businesses. It helps organization to save money in the long run, as cloud is flexible and can adapt to upcoming technological enhancements. Cloud- based solutions allows supply chain associates to have remote access of the system while reducing labor cost and eventually reducing their brick-and-mortar cost.

Reduced downtime with enhanced Cloud technology and IT security

Cloud solutions are superior then on-premise solution majorly in terms of reliability and security. Redundancy and virtualization are key aspects considered while designing SaaS based solutions. Additionally, redundancy is critical in a cloud-based solution as it helps supply chain associates to recover valuable data after a disaster or technical disruption. Advanced security solutions can be used to secure cloud-based resources without having a slow-down in network. Cloud based solutions can maintain huge volumes of critical data gathered from multiple channels and devices and allow integration with local systems avoiding any fluctuations.