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Sway AI Launches a No-Code AI Platform to Boost AI Adoption

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Sway AI has launched a no-code AI platform for business users and data scientists. AI platform from Sway AI allows enterprise users and data scientists to work together without writing code. Sway AI’s platform allows enterprises to quickly build and deploy AI solutions without making upfront investments or having any AI experience.

Amir Atai, Sway AI CEO and Co-Founder, said, “Enterprises faced the daunting task of selecting from a growing and complex marketplace of AI tools, technologies, and models. Sway AI’s platform simplifies this everchanging AI ecosystem by offering best-of-class AI tooling through its platform. By using Sway AI – enterprises can expect the best AI capabilities available without going through complex evaluation exercises and committing to inflexible technology choices. With Sway AI, an enterprise can reduce development and deployment costs by up to 10x and deployment time from months to hours.”

Amir also noted, “This platform accelerates large enterprises’ data science teams by helping them rapidly prototype their models. Our platform offers unmatched levels of transparency and collaboration with enterprise stakeholders, which can make all the difference to the success of an AI strategy.”

Sway AI believes that companies can build without spending a lot of money upfront on AI tools or skillsets. Sway AI makes it possible for anyone to build AI without writing code, thanks to its patent-pending technology. The Sway AI platform can help data scientists and AI experts collaborate with stakeholders, speed up prototype development, and reduce deployment times.

Through its no-code platform, Sway AI addresses challenges without requiring the investments that artificial intelligence (AI) often requires. As a result of its collaboration features, business stakeholders and domain experts can be engaged throughout the AI development cycle, improving business alignment and reducing risk, and increasing ROIs.

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